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Revolutionize Your Sales Process with Launched

At Launched, we simplify sales automation, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Our platform integrates all the tools you need to convert leads and manage customer relationships efficiently.

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Streamline Your Sales Process With Our

Done-For-You Solutions.

Welcome to Launched, your premier solution for streamlined sales automation. Our platform is designed to revolutionize your lead management and customer engagement strategies, starting with identifying your ideal customers. From there, we nurture the communication process until the sale is closed. With Launched, your business achieves sustained growth through advanced AI-driven lead generation, seamless CRM capabilities, and powerful marketing and SEO tools. Experience the future of sales automation today, and let us help you focus on what truly matters—expanding your business.

Sales Automation

Done-For-You sophisticated sales automation, enabling you to optimize your sales funnel, enhance client engagement, and drive predictable revenue.

AI Lead Generation

Our lead generation tool gives you the power to search, connect, and close so that you can spend less time building lists and more time selling.

Launched is a company that solves all of your business needs

Done For You

All In One Solution

Experience seamless business management with done-for-you our all-in-one platform. At Launched, we integrate CRM, SEO, content creation, social media and reputation management, website development, and lead generation into a single, easy-to-use solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring multiple staff or juggling services from various providers. With a dedicated project manager by your side, you’ll ensure timely and budget-friendly execution of all your business needs.
No Long Term Contracts
Easy On Boarding Process
No Complicated Systems To Learn
Close Deals On Auto Pilot
Lead Generation

Ready to start getting more leads?

Unlock your business’s full potential with Launched’s AI-assisted lead generation services. Your leads are meticulously curated to ensure high conversion rates and priced affordably between 39 and 59 cents each, making it easier than ever to expand your customer base without breaking the bank.

Imagine having a steady stream of quality leads seamlessly integrated into your sales process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—closing deals and growing your business. With Launched, you get more than just leads; you get a partner dedicated to driving your success. Our lead generation service can be purchased as a stand-alone product or included in our comprehensive, done-for-you sales automation packages.

How we work


With our hands-on experience, we build a detailed strategy and plan for your business.


Our team of highly qualified and creative web designers and content writers starts work.


Now you get to see your work launched, after a period of development accompanied with customer feedback.


Our marketing team gets to work using our collective expertise to drive sustained growth for your business.

About us

Who we are

Launched, Content Powered Marketing is a service-based business that has one goal: to help business owners succeed.

At Launched, we know that marketing is hard—and it should be! You’re building something from scratch, or you’ve been running a business for years and want to take it to the next level. Either way, you’re working hard to compete with the big guys. And we get that.

That’s why we’ve built an all-in-one software that automates your marketing and provides content and SEO services. We’ll help you get found online and show you how to stand out from the crowd.

Done For You

We’re Launched, and we’re making it easy to run your business.

Why is our software so effective? We provide and manage  CRM, SEO, content creation, social media and reputation management, website development, and lead generation services in one easy-to-use platform. With Launched, you don’t need to hire multiple staff members or pay for multiple solutions from multiple companies. You’ll have access to a dedicated project manager who will help you make sure that everything gets done on time and on budget. So we do the work of multiple software programs and staff members for one low flat rate a month.


What our clients say

Nichole B


I started my business as a small, in-home, word or mouth-only Occupational Therapy business in late 2020. I decided to make the leap to a “legit” brick-and-mortar business after talking to the team at Launched.

They laid out a budget-friendly, long-term plan that made total sense. Now, not only do I have two office locations in Tampa (with plans for a third), but I had to expand both initial offices to accommodate the massive growth. The Launched team promised me a strong “local presence” so potential families could find me… and did they ever deliver!

I couldn’t be happier. I recommend all my friends contact Launched if they need help growing their businesses

Thomas E


My name is Thomas, and I’m the owner of a small HVAC company in Austin, Texas. I started my business with just $5,000 and one employee. We worked hard but it was tough going—we were always busy, but just barely scraping by.

Then I found Launched! They helped me figure out how to find new leads and close more deals. In just three months we tripled our revenue!

I used Launched’s lead generation services to find new leads online and get them on the phone with us as quickly as possible. That way we could close more deals right away, which meant more money in our bank account sooner rather than later!

David O

Hi, my name is David. I’m a business owner, and I run an insurance agency in Sarasota, Florida.

After years of working in the industry, I realized that I didn’t want to be left behind when it came to marketing. I knew that if I wanted to keep my business competitive, I’d have to find ways to automate the process and get new leads on auto-pilot.

That’s when I found Launched Lead Generation Services. They helped me optimize my marketing efforts so that they worked with my company’s budget and maximized our return on investment (ROI). Now we’re getting more leads than ever before—and we’re able to convert them into sales faster than ever before!

Select Package Pricing

What does it cost to Launch my business?

Sales Automation Program

Custom Built For Your Business

Starts At $3500 A Month

One-Time Setup Fee Starting At $5000

Upload Your Contact Database: This allows businesses to integrate their existing contact lists into the marketing system for streamlined management and targeted campaigns.

Written Reactivation Campaign Template: This service provides custom written campaign templates designed to re-engage and convert dormant leads, saving time on content creation.

Targeted Leads Added Each Month: New, highly relevant leads are generated and added to your contact list monthly.

Email Follow-Up Series for All Leads: Automated email sequences are set up to engage and nurture all acquired leads continuously.

AI-Powered Automated Conversations: Uses AI to engage leads with personalized responses.

Visual Sales Pipeline Management: Organizes and tracks sales stages visually.

Website and Funnel Page Creation/Modification: Launched can create one website or sales funnel page if needed. Existing website properties can also be modified to suit marketing goals better.

Email and SMS Campaigns: Sends targeted emails and SMS to leads.

Instant Alerts for Hottest Leads: Notifies you immediately about high-potential leads.

AI Reply Management: Manages incoming communications using AI.

Integrated Calendar Booking System: Simplifies appointment scheduling.

Appointment Campaigns: Automates missed/confirmed appointment follow-ups.

Google Review Generator: Encourages customer reviews on Google.

Bonus: Free Local SEO Report

Lead Generation

1000 Leads Per Month

$498 A Month

Waived Setup Fees

1000 leads per month
AI Assistant
Data Enrichment
Social Media Profiles
Unlimited Integrations
3 User Seats

Bonus: 400 Free People Searches

Our Gift To You

Launch Your Local SEO

A free local SEO scan is an important tool for businesses because it helps you understand your online visibility and how you rank in search engine results. It can also help you identify any areas of improvement needed in order to increase your ranking in search engine results and boost your online presence.

The scan can also reveal any issues with your website that may be impacting their online visibility, such as broken links, slow loading times, or other issues that can make it difficult for customers to find you. The scan can also help businesses understand how your competitors are ranking and what strategies you can use to outrank them in local search engine results. By running a free local SEO scan, you can get a better understanding of your current situation and how to improve your online presence.

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No Long Term Contracts
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Easy On Boarding Process
No Complicated Systems To Learn
Close Deals On Auto Pilot